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Transforming our nature into sustainable enviroments such as landfills.

Portait of a professional scientist with protective gear examining the marsh lands in Canada and taking sample of marine plant life for research

Hydrological modelling, Hydaulic designs, storm water managements..

Dokan Dam

Designing efficient and innovative transportation systems w/ infrastucture


Aerial survey and scanning in accuracy, quality, and safety.

Green Energy

Pioneering green energy solutions promoting sustainability for future.

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Transforming urban spaces into vibrant and harmonious environment.

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Enviromental Engineering

At Reycove Engineering Bureau, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services in environmental engineering. Our expertise lies in designing and consulting on landfill and water remediation plans, ensuring sustainable solutions for environmental challenges.

For landfill projects, we offer comprehensive design and consultation services to optimize waste management strategies. Our team specializes in developing efficient and environmentally sound landfill plans, considering factors such as site selection, waste containment, leachate management, and gas collection systems. We prioritize the implementation of advanced technologies and practices to minimize environmental impact and promote long-term sustainability.


At Reycove Engineering Bureau, we are proud to offer a comprehensive Water Resources Inspection Service to help you effectively monitor and assess the quality and condition of your water resources. Our service is designed to provide valuable insights and support sustainable water management practices.

Our experienced team conducts thorough on-site assessments of water resources, including lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and groundwater sources. We evaluate factors such as water quality, quantity, flow patterns, and ecosystem health. Utilizing advanced monitoring equipment and techniques, we gather essential data to understand the characteristics and behavior of your water resources. We also perform water sampling at strategic locations for laboratory analysis, providing a comprehensive understanding of water quality, including the presence of pollutants, contaminants, or harmful substances.


In addition to measuring lake depth, modern sonar equipment can also distinguish bottom hardness and vegetation biomass. This is important information when studying aquatic plant communities and managing aquatic invasive species.

Reycove Engineering continually evaluates and adopts modern technology to advance our efforts to detect the water quality to map the parameters of lakes.


The mission of Reycove Engineering is to inspect dams and infrastructure by using underwater drones outfitted with high-resolution visual sensors to map, monitor, and inspect the failure of concrete and steel structures.

Underwater ROV dive to each section of the dam, which is the lens descend and begin to record video until the bottom of the infrastructure, which can be as deep as 50-100m. We can provide multiscan with this process to improve the accuracy of our data for the quality check.

HYROgraph Design

Our startup offers a solution to expedite site surveys for clients using highly accurate drone-generated maps and 3D models with 3D GIS technology, enabling faster planning and design. We provide smart 3D models and visualizations, collaborate with clients to analyze and solve their challenges with our expertise. 

Reycove Engineering offers various water-related services such as SWMP, flood assessments, and wetland approvals using drone lidar and bathymetric survey to ensure sustainable development in flood-prone developed areas. Our bathymetric survey services aid in identifying potential flood risks and developing effective management plans.

Consulting & Design IN ROADS

The primary objective of Reycove Engineering is to conduct comprehensive inspections of dams and infrastructure utilizing underwater drones equipped with high-resolution visual sensors. Our purpose is to effectively map, monitor, and assess potential failures in concrete and steel structures.

Expanding our expertise, we are now also specializing in design and consultation services for road, transportation, and bridge inspection. Our team is equipped to provide comprehensive assessments and guidance in these areas, leveraging our experience and knowledge to ensure optimal solutions.